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Minors Piercing @ Mission

Minors Piercing @ Mission


Book an appointment for a minor (7 - 17 years old) for 1 - 2 piercings at our Mission Location! The service fee for an earlobe piercing is $25, and (for eligible ages) all other piercings are $40 each. We require a $50 deposit for holding the spot that will be refunded at your appointment. Please confirm by selecting Deposit before you select Add to Cart.

Kids Piercing Eligible Ages:
- Earlobes 7+ years
- Ear cartilage 14+ years
- Nostril & Septum 15+ years

Click here to watch our kid-friendly video on what a minors ear lobe piercing experience looks like!

We offer solid 14k gold body piercing jewelry, solid 14k gold flat back labrets, and implant grade titanium flat back labrets. All piercing jewelry is sold as a single and starts around $100, gold labrets are $60, and titanium labrets are $15.

It is highly recommended to avoid swimming or submerging your new piercing for at least the first three months. This includes pools, hot tubs, & bodies of water like lakes, ocean, rivers etc. Consider summer plans and vacations when planning your new piercing!

Questions? Click here for our Piercing FAQs!

Please read the below requirements very carefully, because we're unable to make exceptions to these requirements under any circumstances.

Parent or legal guardian must accompany the minor at the piercing appointment.

Here are our ID requirements:

(1) Current photo ID card for parent and child;
(2) Original Birth Certificate (BC) or Court Issued Guardianship / adoption paperwork.
(3) Full names on paperwork must match IDs exactly. Name change documents are required if the names have been changed since the issue of BC or guardianship paperwork, so please double check for maiden names on BC.
(4) All documents listed above must be the original physical copies. No scanner copies or photos on phones will be accepted.

At our Mission shop, we carry BVLAFiat LuxJalnarPupil Hall, and Mettle & Silver jewelry, sold as singles so you can mix or match. All of our jewelry is solid 14k gold, and for stud styles it's your choice of gold or titanium flat backs.

All our piercers are outstanding members of the Association of Professional Piercers, our studio is SF Health Department Certified & we're one of the only fully disposable studios in California. We led the initial charge for disposables & that leadership applies to all that we do.


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