Caring For Your Jewelry

Nice work on your new jewelry! We hope you’ll treasure it for the rest of your life. Because what’s in that little box over there is meant to outlast the hills, and with just a little care and love, it will.

So generally take it off when you’re shredding Baja on your dirt bike, put it to the side when you’re crushing El Capitan & leave it in the safe when you’re soaking in the Blue Lagoon.

You get the gist.


Notice a little fuzz on the underside of your beautiful rose cut diamond or maybe in the halo pavé? Mix a little bit of Blue Dawn dish soap with some warm water and let your piece soak in it. After a few minutes take it out and gently scrub-a-dub with a soft toothbrush. You can use a q-tip too to get the hard to reach areas. Gold & the hard stones are hard and fairly stout, but jewelry is miniature, so it should still be handled delicately.

You can also take it to a reputable jeweler in your area & ask them to put it in the ultrasonic while you pretend to shop with them. If you’re more the diy type, search google or amazon or whatever for ultrasonic cleaner. They’re 35$.


Silver & brass tarnish at a rate that depends upon your body chemistry. (Seriously!) Your skin oils can prevent the tarnishing, but if these metals come into contact with sulfuric anything, they’ll turn dark & moody. Maybe you like that? Cool, then keep wearing it & the smooth, exposed parts will turn to bright silver over time while the nooks and crannies stay dark — automatic texturing.

Or maybe you don’t like that? Hardware stores typically carry polishing cloths. (Sunshine’s the best!) Get to it! If it’s goldfill, dance all day & night but don’t get it wet and store it in cloth. Be a little extra with it, and it’ll be a little extra back.


The thing about wearing a little piece of the sea or the sky is that they’re just as moody. If you put your opal or your pearl in your closet, it’ll lose some of its life. (Seriously!) If you keep them out & in the sun, they come to life. Opal color varies with ambient temperature & humidity, and pearls react visibly to the temperature of your skin & its oils, a beautiful fact about these delicate wonders. However, chlorine (from a pool), household cleaners, skin products, even soaps can strip sensitive stones of their colors, luster, and life, so take extra good care. We think of them as having a kind of life beyond being something pretty to look at, so they ought to be treated that way too moj blog.

It’s yours so wear it proud then download the Care Card here!