frequently asked questions

do you do custom work? +

If you’re inquiring about custom wedding & engagement rings, future heirlooms or customizing an existing Fiat Lux design please email us at with a good starting place as to what you have in mind. Some things to think about and write to us about include the type of work you have in mind, your price range, and your turnaround time. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

what’s my ring size? +

If you’re unawares of your specific ring size, most jewelers in your area would be happy to size you, and this is definitely your best bet. Or use our ring measuring guide here. Still not sure? You can email us at for our ring sizing kit & we'll send one over gratis! Note that if you order a custom size from us, and it doesn’t fit just the way you want, we’ll try to help, but in the end the responsibility of communicating the correct size is up to you.

is my item in stock? +

We seem outsized but, well, we’re a tiny little shop. We try hard to make sure that the stuff online matches the stuff in shop, and we try to keep a few different sizes of things in the shop. If your item is not in stock because we don’t have your size, and the site showed that we don’t have the size, please allow six to eight weeks for delivery. If you ordered & there is confusion, don’t fret — we’re on top of it and will let you know the skinny asap! If you want to know for absolute sure before you place an order, please write to us!

can you guys rush orders? +

If you have a deadline, we'll try our best to get it to you when you need it. Be aware that the artists charge a small fee to put your order to the front of the line. Please contact us either via our phone number or to see how we can help you get what’s needed when it’s needed.

can i cancel an order? +

Because everything in the shop is handmade, once we begin to fill an order it can’t always be cancelled. If you need to cancel an order, please email us at most 24 hours after placing it. Moreover, some of our items, like vintage, are final sale, so be sure to double check.

what about returns? +

In the event that you are not feeling it, please see our Returns page.

can we chat on the phone? +

If you want to know if an item or size is in stock, then let’s chat! However, all orders must be placed either in the brick & mortar or on the webstore. There are no exceptions to this rule, for our protection & yours.

how legit is your stuff? +

Our in-house line and our designers use conflict-free stones and recycled or fair mined gold and silver inasmuch as we can guarantee it. We're always trying to do better in everything, and there's a whole tome we could write, some of which might sound greenwashy, so let's distill that tome into a single word: legit. Contact us if you want to know more.

what’s your privacy policy? +

We will never, ever sell, trade, rent, or give away your personal info for any reason whatsoever scout’s honor. Click into our Privacy page for more.

What’s your shop’s name mean? +

Our name is in Latin and derived from an ancient Roman expression meaning “stand into the light”, or “let there be light”. It refers to an act of making ourselves aware by creation — and we thought it was just kind of perfect for a collection of artists making beautiful, unique, handmade things.

Do you offer piercings? +

Yes! Our piercers are all outstanding members of theAssociation of Professional Piercers, with one piercer on the APP Board of Directors. Our studio is SF Health Department Certified & we're one of the only fully disposable studios in the US.

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