Ear Styling @ Mission


Book a 1 hour appointment at our Mission Spot to partner with one of our professional piercers & create a custom look for 2 - 4 new piercings. Incorporate your healed piercings into the final look with time to choose and install jewelry for your entire ear!  This appointment is perfect for clients who are interested in 2 or more piercings only! This slot is for 18+ only, IDs required, plus a $50 deposit for holding the spot that will be refunded at your appointment. Please confirm by selecting Deposit before you select Add to Cart. 

The service fee for a single piercing is: earlobe $25 & cartilage $40. The service fee for an install or removal is $5 and a healed piercing stretch fee is $10.

At our Mission shop, we carry BVLAFiat LuxJalnarPupil Hall, and Mettle & Silver piercing jewelry, sold as singles so you can mix or match. All of our jewelry is solid 14k gold, and for stud styles it's your choice of gold or titanium flat backs.

All our piercers are outstanding members of the Association of Professional Piercers, our studio is SF Health Department Certified & we're one of the only fully disposable studios in California. We led the initial charge for disposables & that leadership applies to all that we do.

1 Hour

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