About Us

jewelry San Francisco

Founded in 2011 on the idea that things that last shine brightest, our shop name, Fiat Lux, is an ancient Latin expression that means to create light or dispel ignorance, to get smart.

we design & produce tools of confidence

Fiat Lux is the culmination of owner Marie McCarthy’s lifelong commitment to both body art (via her 20+ year old tattoo & piercing studio Rose Gold’s) & handmade, authentic adornment (via her 20+ experience owning a jewelry storefront & making jewelry) into full service-oriented fine jewelry & premier piercing shops with an orientation towards client experiences that meet exceptionally high standards.

Our shop collections are driven by Marie's belief that repetition with small but significant variations is the foundation of making a classic that lasts generations in style, form & content. The core of the shop lies in illuminating the mysteries that connect a particular stone or a shape or a theme with a particular person in a particular time. To that end we design & produce tools of confidence & work with some of the best small batch artists in the world who embody what we think of as refined grit. We love independence, elopements, science, underdogs, diamonds, fuck yous, and layers, lots of layers. We’re femme forward, urban, earnest, intentional, a little nasty & a little tongue in cheek about it all.

All of the work in our shops, including the artists we carry, uses recycled gold & conflict-free diamonds. On some days you can even find our production leads busy smelting gold scraps to give them new life for you.

We have been working hard to ensure that we are not just paying lip service ("ethical this or that") to this goal but working towards it as a part of our future. We are a Member of the Green Business Network & we’re working on our permanent certification with the GBN as part of our sustained commitment to a better Earth.