Star Set Tegla Necklace


Tegla, from the Latin tegula, as in tiling the roof, a geometrically exact way to cover a surface with a precise number of perfect polygons, like our elongated hexagon here with white or black diamonds classically set with lucky seven tiny little stars, on a slim curb chain in 14", 16", or 18". Handmade in our Fiat Lux San Francisco Studio in 14k yellow, rose, or white gold. Find the Pavé Tegla Necklace here or make it a set with our matching Pavé Tuile Ring or Star Set Tuile Ring.

14k yellow gold

14k rose gold

14k white gold

White diamonds

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Black diamonds

Ombre (black - salt & pepper - white)






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We're out right now but we're happy to make one just for you! Expect 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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