Fiat Lux


Our piercers are here from 12-6 every Saturday and Sunday, with a combined two decades as professional piercers. Both are outstanding members of the Association of Professional Piercers. Our studio is SF Health Department Certified and one of the only disposable studios in the whole damn country. We're clean as clean gets. Email piercings [at] for questions!

Color, shape, placement: three of the most important features of a well-curated look. What will yours say about you?! Email us at piercings [at] for a gratis constellation consultation, like stat.

Piercings start at 25$ for a lobe & our jewelry, all solid gold & platinum & all handmade, starts at a spry 55$. We have been leaders for two decades in clean, sterile piercing techniques & we take you health & the looks you want out of your piercings seriously.

fiat lux piercing