Fiat Lux


1. A Note About Shipping

Due to supply, distribution, and staffing issues that materialized during the global response to the pandemic, you may experience a wait time of up to 8 weeks for your order to arrive. Some of our artists are staffed, and some aren’t. Meaning, that in some cases, it’s just our tools, the materials, and your object standing between your order and its arrival. If you would like a more exact timeline for your order, please simply email us at And, as always, thank you for your patience!

2. A Note About Our Carriers 

We have several different tiers of shipping, so please read the following carefully. Within the United States we offer:

(1) UPS Ground (5-7 business days) for free.

(2) UPS 2-Day for a 40$ flat fee.

(3) UPS International for a 60$ flatfee.

(4) UPS Domestic Overnight for a 100$ flat fee.

Note that if you order within California your order is still subject to California State Tax (sorry!), but if you’re ordering from outside Cali it’s not.

All packages are insured up to $250. If you wish to add additional insurance please contact us at & we will hook you up with that. We aren’t responsible for items that are deemed lost or damaged in the mail. So, if you have doubts about your package arriving safely please make sure that you contact us for extra insurance.