Thicc Grrrl

$760.00 - $960.00

Pinkies up! A pinky ring full of body & spirit. After all that's how all thicc grrrls should be: proud of your space precisely because it's yours. In 14k gold, made only as a pinky ring, by Fiat Lux's Lead Jeweler Amanda George in her San Francisco Studio. 

Sizes 2-4 are a 10mm band and sizes 4.5-6.5mm are a 12mm band to maintain the proportions of the artist's design.

14k Yellow Gold

14k Rose Gold



2 (10mm width)

2.5 (10mm width)

3 (10mm width)

3.5 (10mm width)

3.75 (10mm width)

4 (10mm width)

4.5 (12mm width)

5 (12mm width)

5.5 (12mm width)

6 (12mm width)

6.5 (12mm width)

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