Laundry & Taxes


A singular googly eye for the most mundane of Crocs because to be human is to find meaning and joy in our existence, even while doing laundry & taxes together. A 4mm round rose cut diamond pupil jiggles under a quartz lens encased in 14k yellow gold. Handmade by Digby & Iona in their Brooklyn Studios.

If Jibbitz aren't your jam, let's chat about converting this piece into a pendant, ring, brooch etc!

An entry in A Foot of Gold: the 7th Fiat Lux Annual Maker's Competition. Jibbitzy accessories for your feet. More specifically, your shoes. More specifically, your Crocs, you know, those little things that kids love to put all over their favorite toe-ventilated shoe? Click here to learn more & see all the entries.





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