Goldengrove Jewelry, by our friend Maggie Cross, was borne of sturm und drang, and this is nowhere more apparent than in the sheer volume of raw emotion packed into each piece because it is, quite simply, overflowing. Inspired by human sentiment & mourning & drawing on a background in printmaking and an art degree from Pratt, each piece is handmade with care in Brooklyn, where she works & lives with her husband & daughter.

  • Jeanne’s Providence

    annual maker's competition

  • Arced Web

    10k gold ring

  • Herkimer Hand

    10k crystal necklace

  • Dust to Dust

    skull signet ring

  • Opal Spider

    14k opal ring

  • Onyx Skulls

    14k gold ring

  • Memento Mori

    brass cuff

  • Diamond Onyx Skull

    14k diamond ring

  • Lovesome

    14k gold ring

  • Stone Skeletons

    quartz signet ring

  • Opal Teeth Pin

    lapel pin

  • Opal Coffin

    14k opal ring