Fiat Lux

About Us

Hi, it’s Marie. I’m the owner of Fiat Lux & Rose Gold’s Tattoo & Piercing. I moved to San Francisco from St. Louis via Japan and Chicago in 1998. In 2002 I opened my first jewelry shop and, a tattoo studio. I wrote my college thesis on the patron arts, and I’ve been making jewelry in one form or another for going on twenty years. Adornment has been my thing for a long time.

In 2009 I met my husband, then a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy & mathematics and, now, a part time college professor. One Christmas he called up my jewelry mentor and took secret lessons with her to make me a ring, and like me, felt an instant interest in making tiny things with hands. It was very romantic. It still is! (Hi Alexei!)

In 2011 we found a tiny little space on a mistreated block on the outskirts of San Francisco’s Mission District. In February of that year I opened Fiat Lux, a collection of work from my favorite artists, including some of our own work that we hammered & forged at nights in our apartment kitchen. The diy experience of knowing how to be able to contribute meaningfully to people’s stories formed the basis for everything that’s happened since.

In 2016 we moved into our current space, a beautiful, open, well-lit building I wanted something more feminine but more powerful too. We converted part of the storefront into a working studio space, so that our clients can see how it’s made for themselves. In back, we have a small army of workbenches & an incredible team in place to make it all happen, from our awesome client relations team to our wonderful production leads. It feels like we’ve arrived.

Our collections, both our own & the ones we curate for the shop, are driven by my belief that repetition with small but significant variations is the foundation of making strong classics that last generations in style, form & content. To me the core of the shop lies in illuminating the mysteries that connect a particular stone or a shape or a theme with a particular person in a particular time.

In the meantime, thank you so much for the support, we’re excited to keep growing with you. Reach me anytime at if you want to drop a line or if you have a question. See you on the other side!