Wish List: Bright & Shiny Silver

gift guide - silver

The greatest thing about silver is how versatile it is, it can be super sweet & dainty or bold & bad ass. Find all these in shop or online.

Wish List: Black Diamond Everything

Gift Guide - Black & Gold

Black & Gold – they are pretty much our official shop colors. Trust us when we say the coolest girl you know will swoon hard over these.

Obsessed: Daisy’s Ear Spike


I’m totally obsessed with this killer looking ear spike. The detail on the claw is amazing, and it looks even better when worn. From the front it looks like it’s a regular stud, and then WOOOOWWWW (*side view) it’s a spike impaling your earlobe! Totally cool and unexpected. A definite addition to my Christmas wish-list.

- Anna

Shop News: Summer Engagement!


You guys how excited are we?! On Friday July 25th Claire Kinder is flying out from her home in New York City and joining Daisy San Luis for a very special Trunk Show! They’re bringing all of their latest & greatest engagement, among other works, for just one night from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. All of it will be 15% for the entire night. That includes the engagement ladies and dudes!

We’ll have our signature champagne cocktail as well as general libations, loads of some of the most beautiful, daintiest jewelry in the whole wide world, and two of the cutest and loveliest makers in the Known Universe. Click the pic above or here for the FaceBook event page, and don’t forget to check in for updates and teasers on our Instagram! We can’t wait to see you here!

Currently Compelled: Opalescence

Opals are beautiful alone in all their watery glory, but it’s that light green, pink, purple, white, shimmery shine that has me captivated today. Lauren Wolf’s Fiat Lux Exclusive White Opal Druzy solitaires (rightmost on my ring finger) and the paired studs are, of course, a stunning in shop example:


More aspirational, though, we recently found a pair of perfectly clear pear shaped opalescent diamonds:


Far rarer than the white diamond, and I’m dying to get them. Soon, little pretties, soon.

- Alexei

Wish List: To Kiss

We get it, you’re not into holidays that involve hearts, Cupid, and the color pink. Well, your girl is. Surprise her with one of these babies and you’re sure to be making out in the back of your Chevy very soon.


#1: Seasons of the Sage Turquoise Ring. It’s a power ring whose protective stones beg to be worn daily. By Mother of Gideon.

#2: Stingray Cuff. If my man gave this to me, it would show he thinks I’m as badass as I think I am. By Lauren Wolf (in shop only).

#3: Bobcat Herkimer Ring. Because you want to put a ring on it (but not like that not yet). By Voce Keen.

#4: Sparrow Ring. You can be like, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” … just kidding. By Digby & Iona.

And. Any one of these gets you an extra few raffle tickets in our ongoing Great Black Diamond Ring Off of 2014. Valentine’s could be real big this year, ya know?

- Megan

Wish List: To Cuddle

Wait you guys, before we all fall in love, can we please take a moment to experience the purest of envy for my insane photoshop skills? I’m seriously expecting a call from Anna Wintour any moment now.


So you’re in love. Or in deep like. Or you’re stalking (really bad idea). I’ve put together six objects that will do the trick perfectly should you wish to express your affections with lovely handmade jewelry rather than or in addition to, say, a handwritten love poem (cf. the above parenthetical about stalking). Without further ado:

#1: Daisy’s sterling silver BFF is pretty much the cutest. But you know what’s cuter? Have her engrave your initials one one side and your so’s on the other. Boom.

#2: Digby & Iona’s Desio Me Mena Signet is engraved with an anatomical heart and a phrase from Petrarch, the great 14th Century inventor of the goddamned love sonnet, that means Desire Carries Me Away. Doubling as a wax seal it’s also a nice way to say please get off Instagram and write me a damn letter.

#3: Flotsam & Jetsam’s sterling silver Pirate Heart is a locket you guys. Is there any more effective way to get snuggly than to write out one of Pablo Neruda’s love poems & gift it inside this? No.

#4: Digby & Iona’s Archer’s Necklace is kind of one half of the equation. You get them the bow, then you get you the heart, then they wear both anyway.

#5: Lauren Wolf’s Oxidized Heart is dainty and tough (which is pretty much our jam and if you’re reading this, it’s probably yours too), geometric but rough. Such a quiet little way to say I love you.

#6: Here’s that Speckled Arrow. This with Neruda’s Sonnet XVII and a note that says You kill me I love you is the kind of overflow cheese that makes you both blush and I hereby theorize that it will be magical.

P.s. Any one of these will get you an extra raffle ticket or three into our Great Black Diamond Ring Off of 2014. So gift one of these along with some raffle tickets to a 3,000$ ring then watch white-knuckled and nervy a week later while we announce the winners. That’s hella Valentine’s right.

- Alexei