Shop News: My Bloody Valentine Knife Party!


This is it folks. The big reveal. It is actually happening. Knives are being sharpened. Drinks are being poured.

On Friday the Thirteenth, our My Bloody Valentine Knife Party kicks off. Come out to see all the knives and meet the designers from our Second Annual Maker’s Competition; Daisy San Luis, Digby & Iona, Elizabeth Street Jewelry, Lauren Wolf Jewelry, Mother of Gideon, Nick Potash, & us!

Join us at The Office (above Churchill, 194 Church St.) from 7PM till late this Friday, February 13th. There will be drinks, music by The Ferocious Few, and the coolest, creepiest handmade knives in town. Get your best all-black-everything outfit ready and come see how Fiat Lux does Valentine’s Day. (Spoiler Alert: It’s gonna be weird.)

Don’t forget, YOU get to pick the winner! Voting takes place here on the blog this Wednesday, February 11th through Friday, February 13th. Click here to see each knife up close and personal. You vote automatically enters you into a raffle to take home the winning knife! Want more raffle tickets? See the post below to find out how.



Last year’s battle for best Black Diamond Ring (hat tip to the winner for the seriously incredible ring – rightmost in the link) was hard fought and valiantly won. But this year the battle is bloody — as in we all made knives. Like with our hands.

Seven of the best independent designers around:

Nick Potash
Lauren Wolf
Elizabeth Street
Digby & Iona
Daisy San Luis
Mother of Gideon
• and Fiat Lux

have come together in 2015 to battle for BEST KNIFE in our Annual Maker’s Competition. Each knife is worth $1,250, and just like last year, one of you wins the winner of KNIVES 2015 in our February Raffle. You read that right. One of you wins the best of seven of some of the most beautiful knives made by hand with love & care by one of the best seven makers around. Oh really you can’t even? Actually yes you can and here’s how.

From February 11th to 13th you’ll get to vote on which knife you think is best. Your vote gets you one free entry into the raffle for the winning knife of KNIVES 2015. But you can have up to 4 entries in the raffle and here’s how. Purchase anything from our site now till February 13th and if it’s

50$ to 150$ you score yourself one extra raffle ticket;
150$ up to 400$ for two extra tickets;
400$ + for three extra tickets.

TO TOP IT ALL OFF: we’re hosting our big ANNUAL PARTY & TRUNK SHOW on Friday February 13th with all seven designers in San Francisco, where we’ll announce which designer won KNIVES 2015 + the lucky raffle winner! Last year was a blast but this year we have brought it and brought it hard. Search for the #knives2015 hashtag on our Instagram and socials and may the BEST KNIFE win!

[One raffle entry is automatic with your vote. Extra entries are automatic with your purchase. Up to and no more than 4 raffle tickets per person & only one vote per person is allowed. Multiple votes from the same person will be automatically disqualified. Raffle winner selection is random. Voting opens on February 11th and closes Midnight, February 13th.]

5k Milestone GiveAway!



We’re so excited to have reached the 5k milestone on Instagram! So to thank you all we’re gifting a set of two of our newest rings, made in our studio with love & care, one for you & one for your bf, your bff, your bfff, your bffff. We stamp these tiny two-sided discs with your initial on one & your favorite’s on the other, so our newest style, the bf/f, is a cute & subtle way to celebrate the bond between you & your favorites.

Up for grabs for this Thanksgiving is a set of two of our new bf/f rings, in solid 10k gold & stamped with two letters of your choice in the font you like (plain, fancy face, or lower case cursive). To enter the contest:

  • post a photo of you with your favorite person (or persons!) to your Instagram
  • tag us @fiatluxsf & tag them (if you can)
  • include a little description of why they’re so rad  
  • hashtag the photo with #FiatAt5k & #bfslashf
  • the contest is Instagram only & you must be following @fiatluxsf to win!

Contest ends on Friday, November 28th at 5 pm. We’ll choose our favorite bf/f pic & announce the winner on Saturday November 29th! Plus! Everyone who enters the contest gets a code for 15% off anything on our webstore, so put down the tryptophan and bust out your besties, guys!

New in Shop: Three Generations of Stone

I like to think of the differences that we perceive in rocks in terms of the length of time it took the earth to compress them into the state that we find them. Opals, one of the youngest of stones, in multi-colors like the souls of young peoples, sapphires with their muted and serious and deep middle aged greys & blues, and the old and austere diamond, clear, beautiful, and hardened after 65 million + years of the weight of the earth on its shoulders.

Anyway, blah blah blah, kind of by coincidence we’ve got all three generations of stones in shop – free form Boulder Opals, rose cut sapphire slices, and thin little wafers of diamond slices. Really beautiful, and all set to capture the stone’s organic natural look, and honestly, I’m so excited to be able to put these out there for you guys because I think they’re all a little magical. An amazing gift hint hint nudge wink.

Shop them here and here.

- Alexei

Shop News: Serpentfire Tarot Contest


We are excited to announce a giveaway contest with the one & only Serpentfire, Montréal based artist whose rich, saturated, mystical feminist images have been haunting & inspiring us for months. She’s currently busy printing us up a run of her first ever tarot deck that we are SO excited to announce will be available both in our shop & on our webstore. To mark this step for Serpentfire and our little shop, we’re giving away one of the decks & more to one lucky client!

The idea is simple. Pick your favorite tarot card. (Ours is the Queen of Wands, clear, the strong woman of endless possibilities.) Then create your own version of your card by drawing, digitizing, oil-on-wooding, whatever medium you like. Submit it by posting the image to your own Instagram, then tagging #fiatluxsf and #serpentfire and #goddessgiveaway. Contest begins stat! (6/21/2014)

Our Tarot Card Drawing Contest ends 7/6/2014. We’ll pick a winner by 7/12/2014 who receives:

• ONE Serpentfire Tarot Deck;
• ONE Gift Certificate for 100$ to our webstore;
• ONE super cute denim Fiat Lux card pouch.

Kind of major you guys. We’ll have a few little things for three lucky runners up as well. Meanwhile, be on the lookout for more on Instagram in the coming weeks, and above all happy drawing!


Trunk Show & Winner’s Ball

WE HAVE A WINNER! Join all six of your favorite designers on Friday at the Office in San Francisco for a Mega Trunk Show Extravaganza & the Official Announcement of the Champion of the 1st Annual Great Black Diamond Ring Off and our Lucky Black Diamond Raffle Winner!

Trunk Show Promo 5

We’re so excited to bring you all six designers – Daisy San Luis, Digby & Iona, Elizabeth Street, Mother of Gideon, Nick Potash (and us) – under one roof for one night for this trunk show & hobnob. It’s a once in a lifetime kinda event so double star it in your calendars! See you on Friday!

The Great Black Diamond Ring Off

WE ARE HERE YOU GUYS! Today is your day – the Olympics of Ring Competitions. Below the six rings, each one made by one of our favorite makers in shop. Daisy San Luis, Digby & Iona, Elizabeth Street, us, Mother of Gideon, and Nick Potash worked for months to produce these beautiful beauties, each one valued at 3,000$. The one that wins is up for giveaway for one of you and all you have to do is vote!

Step 1: click on the picture below.
Step 2: enter your email address in our newsletter signup at bottom of the page for your raffle ticket!
Step 3: vote for which ring takes All the Glory!


So easy. One vote gets you one free raffle ticket. If you wanna up the ante, between now & Monday at 9 pm PST purchase in shop or on the site for up to three more raffle tickets to increase your chances to win!

Check here for more deets or if you’re just joining, and here, here, and here for more pictures of the rings!

Go forth & vote! Good luck & lots of love from us all!

Wish List: To Cuddle

Wait you guys, before we all fall in love, can we please take a moment to experience the purest of envy for my insane photoshop skills? I’m seriously expecting a call from Anna Wintour any moment now.


So you’re in love. Or in deep like. Or you’re stalking (really bad idea). I’ve put together six objects that will do the trick perfectly should you wish to express your affections with lovely handmade jewelry rather than or in addition to, say, a handwritten love poem (cf. the above parenthetical about stalking). Without further ado:

#1: Daisy’s sterling silver BFF is pretty much the cutest. But you know what’s cuter? Have her engrave your initials one one side and your so’s on the other. Boom.

#2: Digby & Iona’s Desio Me Mena Signet is engraved with an anatomical heart and a phrase from Petrarch, the great 14th Century inventor of the goddamned love sonnet, that means Desire Carries Me Away. Doubling as a wax seal it’s also a nice way to say please get off Instagram and write me a damn letter.

#3: Flotsam & Jetsam’s sterling silver Pirate Heart is a locket you guys. Is there any more effective way to get snuggly than to write out one of Pablo Neruda’s love poems & gift it inside this? No.

#4: Digby & Iona’s Archer’s Necklace is kind of one half of the equation. You get them the bow, then you get you the heart, then they wear both anyway.

#5: Lauren Wolf’s Oxidized Heart is dainty and tough (which is pretty much our jam and if you’re reading this, it’s probably yours too), geometric but rough. Such a quiet little way to say I love you.

#6: Here’s that Speckled Arrow. This with Neruda’s Sonnet XVII and a note that says You kill me I love you is the kind of overflow cheese that makes you both blush and I hereby theorize that it will be magical.

P.s. Any one of these will get you an extra raffle ticket or three into our Great Black Diamond Ring Off of 2014. So gift one of these along with some raffle tickets to a 3,000$ ring then watch white-knuckled and nervy a week later while we announce the winners. That’s hella Valentine’s right.

- Alexei