In Rotation: Blues Pills

Check is out you guys – loving this tune at the moment! Blues Pills feels so entrenched in Americana, but in reality they are band made of individuals from throughout Europe. Who new Swedes could sing the blues so well?

Doesn’t it just make your heart melt?

- Anna

In Rotation: The Orwells

A few years ago, I saw these grimy weirdos play when most of the band was still in high school. Their sound is like the feeling of freedom you got at age 16 when your mom let you borrow her car for the first time.

I definitely would’ve been way too lame to sit at their lunch table in high school.


In Rotation: Thrash Zone

Back in the day, like back when Lynyrd Skynyrd was actively playing to their own generation, it was pretty much considered easy listening dad music, as in my dad and all his dad buddies listened to it. It’s cool again, and I guess that’s cool. I guess. But as an ode to a time when none of us would’ve been caught dead listening to “the Skynyrd” I present to you my favorite song from those years. Enjoy.

- Alexei

In Rotation: Windowlicker

Here is an instance where you love a song for the video more than the song though it’s a good one. But seriously the video is so damn weird. Been spinning this one loud lately.

- Alexei

In Rotation: Phox


As a midwesterner, I feel it is my patriotic duty to rep bands hailing from the ocean-less middle. I’ve been enjoying these Wisconsinites and their songs since I discovered them a few weeks ago. Their tone is perfect for foggy mornings waiting for the bus and they are all cute as a button.


In Rotation: Floyd

I was never much of a Pink Floyd obsessive but I remember it in heavy rotation on my father’s record player when we were living for a spell in rural Florida in the early 80s. As a kid I always thought Wish You Were Here (the clear frontrunner on the album, I know clich√© but true) was about being a soldier in the Vietnam War. It wasn’t written to be about that, but the song’s general melancholia is strangely penetrating right now.

- Alexei