3rd Annual Fiat Lux Design Competition


— What seest thou else in the dark backward and abysm of time?

These words, Shakespeare’s unmistakeable and beautiful metaphor for memory, remembrance, the central, lead-footed theme of this, our 3rd Annual Fiat Lux Designer Competition. Last year’s was knives (hat tip to Mr. Potash for the win), the year before black diamonds won by the effervescent makers at Digby & Iona, but this year it’s anybody’s game. The submissions are in and the candles are lit – this year’s competition is here and we are ready!

Don’t forget! From the 2nd to the 12th of February you’ll vote for your favorite object and that vote gives you one free raffle ticket towards winning one of the baddies from this year’s Competition. That’s right, one lucky someone gets to take home the winning object! Want to increase your chances? Buy a little something for yourself and get up to FOUR raffle tickets!

Purchase anything from our site or in-shop from now till February 12th and if it’s

• $50 to $149 you score yourself one extra raffle ticket;
• $150 to $399 for two extra tickets;
• $400 + for three extra tickets.

If you’re in the Bay – you won’t want to miss our big ass, bad ass party at The Office (above Churchill, 194 Church St.) on Friday, Feb. 12 from 7pm to late. Stay tuned & be on the lookout for this year’s tag #tothedeath2016.

Wish List: Bright & Shiny Silver

gift guide - silver

The greatest thing about silver is how versatile it is, it can be super sweet & dainty or bold & bad ass. Find all these in shop or online.

Dress You Up: Instagram Feature

insta post image
Whoa! Thanks so much to our pals at Instagram for choosing us as Featured User this week! We want to send a big welcome to all of our new followers and a giant grazie to those who have been with us from the beginning! You guys came around at the right time, we have some mega cool projects in the works. So stay tuned.


An Egyptian Revivalist Walks Into a Shop


DMD Metals is finally here you guys – after only a two-year-long courtship, jeez sorry – and it’s even better than we believed. Rings like the Eye Ray above after our own Egyptian Revivalist hearts, delicate but powerful little stackables, perfect as bands or as that power piece that goes with all the tinies you’ve collected from us. Click the pic or this here and stay tuned cuz we’ll be updating frequently with, e.g., an exclusive for us in the works!

Black & White


If black & white is going to be the next big thing for this spring, you might as well do it in unexpected ways. The crisp whites and deep blacks in salt & pepper diamonds, like in our new one-of-a-kind Third Eye or Lauren Wolf’s Stingray Ra, are great ways to play with contrasts. The oxidized silver cut-outs in Vox, one of my favorites pieces from Tempus, create cool, futuristic depth on a 2D pendant. Add a radical hat with an equally radical hat pin, like this one by Kin/K, and no one will ever be able to come close to your flyness.


Tempus Has Arrived!


We’re so excited to announce that Tempus, our first full collection all made by us in our downtown San Francisco studio, has arrived to the webstore and in select shops around the country, notably Illusions in the Hamptons and the lovely Boris & Natasha in Charlotte, North Carolina. More to come so stay tuned. A short bit about the new line Tempus:

Tempus is inspired loosely by the ebb & flow of cultural time using symbolism from ancient civilizations – meaning that its abstract forms represent cultural symbols from ancient worlds that have been pared down to their modern essentials. You’ll find the Wedjat abstract & inspired by the post-War modernists’ “skin and bones” approach. Or Ianus as futurist pairs that become one. Or a protective shield — the Spartan lambda — iterated over effortless basics. Recognizable cultural mantras welded into sharp, precise forms.

More to come in the next few days, but for now click right here to browse & shop the current collection online. And as always thank you for all the support & love!

Fiat Lux Pops Up!


Secretly toiling away for months, we’re finally ready to give a sneak peek of Tempus, our shop’s first in-house line! So we’re teaming up with Veo Optics, our former neighbors who just moved into a killer space on Valencia & 19th, and popping up like a flash.

Join us from noon to 3 on Saturday, January 24th at Veo (798 Valencia St), to be one of the first to snag a sample from Tempus. We’ll also be bringing along our effortless Basics line, and some of the powerful one-of-a-kinds that you’ve come to know and love. Don’t sleep on this – it’s Tempus’ last public appearance till March!

Check out our Facebook Event page for more details. And see you Saturday!

Obsessed: Daisy’s Ear Spike


I’m totally obsessed with this killer looking ear spike. The detail on the claw is amazing, and it looks even better when worn. From the front it looks like it’s a regular stud, and then WOOOOWWWW (*side view) it’s a spike impaling your earlobe! Totally cool and unexpected. A definite addition to my Christmas wish-list.

- Anna