An Egyptian Revivalist Walks Into a Shop


DMD Metals is finally here you guys – after only a two-year-long courtship, jeez sorry – and it’s even better than we believed. Rings like the Eye Ray above after our own Egyptian Revivalist hearts, delicate but powerful little stackables, perfect as bands or as that power piece that goes with all the tinies you’ve collected from us. Click the pic or this here and stay tuned cuz we’ll be updating frequently with, e.g., an exclusive for us in the works!

Tempus Has Arrived!


We’re so excited to announce that Tempus, our first full collection all made by us in our downtown San Francisco studio, has arrived to the webstore and in select shops around the country, notably Illusions in the Hamptons and the lovely Boris & Natasha in Charlotte, North Carolina. More to come so stay tuned. A short bit about the new line Tempus:

Tempus is inspired loosely by the ebb & flow of cultural time using symbolism from ancient civilizations – meaning that its abstract forms represent cultural symbols from ancient worlds that have been pared down to their modern essentials. You’ll find the Wedjat abstract & inspired by the post-War modernists’ “skin and bones” approach. Or Ianus as futurist pairs that become one. Or a protective shield — the Spartan lambda — iterated over effortless basics. Recognizable cultural mantras welded into sharp, precise forms.

More to come in the next few days, but for now click right here to browse & shop the current collection online. And as always thank you for all the support & love!

Obsessed: Daisy’s Ear Spike


I’m totally obsessed with this killer looking ear spike. The detail on the claw is amazing, and it looks even better when worn. From the front it looks like it’s a regular stud, and then WOOOOWWWW (*side view) it’s a spike impaling your earlobe! Totally cool and unexpected. A definite addition to my Christmas wish-list.

- Anna

Currently Compelled: Fools

Growing up my mom used to have a mug that said ‘Its hard to be humble when you’re Danish’. At the time my 4 year-old brain couldn’t quite comprehend what ‘humble’ meant – and why it was especially hard for Danes. Now of course I fully understand … mainly, because the Danes do it better … (see … point proven). Before this turns into something sponsored by the Danish tourism board  - let me get to the point: Michael Kvium!


Michael Kvium is a Danish sculptor/artiste extraordinaire who has been working on a series of paintings called ‘Fools’ since the 1990′s – it currently exceeds 200 paintings and is still expanding. The series explores universal themes related to human foolishness. Many paintings depict androgynous deformed figures that force us to consider humanity without the societal veils of sex, age or status, and instead contemplate our comically grotesque human condition.

- Anna




Enthralled by Surrealism

I’ve recently been intrigued by surrealist art – classic or modern, religious or mythological, for some reason it captivates me. Maybe it’s because the lines between dream & reality are blurred or maybe simply because they push the boundaries of absurdity. Either way, I’m loving it. It forces you to liberate your imagination and recognize a human expression or experience in a primitive animalistic form.

surrealism random

- Anna

New in Shop: Vintage Finds

Who doesn’t like flea markets?! Its like getting lost in sea of junk just to find that one perfect something you know you MUST have but didn’t know you needed until you saw it there….. absolutely perfect, slightly neglected – and ready to be taken into your tender hands to be given a new lease on life. Yeah,….I love flea markets.

blog vinta

These beauties were found at one of the worlds’ most amazing flea markets, the Marche aux Puces in Paris. Just perfect – totally amazing – and waiting for those tender hands.

- Anna



New in Shop: the CKB Tuhla


Claire Kinder‘s collection in the shop has been since time immemorial just gold & diamonds. But when we saw her new Tuhla, a lovely slim beauty with a golden rutilated quartz it was a no-questions-asked-100%-yes-absolute-must must. And it’s going online this week kids, so stay tuned stay awesome & stay in love. Pictured with our house made Black & Gold Compass and our black diamond Feather Weight Eternity.

- Alexei

Currently Compelled: Brass


Clockwise: Tiro Tiro’s Lado, Betsy & Iya Hoops, Voce Keen’s Starburst, Scosha’s I.D. bracelet.

It’s the metal that brought you your belt buckle, Miles Davis, and many a broken face. Brass isn’t precious, and it doesn’t beg to be a pampered princess. It’s that grit coupled with a warm glow and beautifully acquired patina, that I just so admire.