TRASH 2017: our Fourth Annual Maker’s Competition

In so many ways this year is unlike any other, and in this #trash2017, our Fourth Annual Maker’s Competition, we’ve got some killer entries, each built by hand around the concept of trashy jewelry. We left the interpretation of that term fairly wide open for the seven participating makers, and the submissions are likewise crazy: from cocaine nails to orgies, even a glove, it’s tongue in cheek slash oddball collectibles bizarroworld this year. And you wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t your thing too, ya know? Read on for prelim details. More to come, along with pictures and links to the submissions in February.

For those of you new to this game, here’s how it works. Each year we decide on a theme and ask our designers to make an object that fits the theme as a blind submission to the competition. The best submission is decided by you guys in a blind vote that opens 10 days before we announce the results of the competition. Then, your vote gets you an automatic entry into the raffle to win the winning submission. On the last day of voting we host a huge party to which all the participating designers & makers come and which is totally open to the public where we announce the winners of both the competition & the raffle. Short list:

• Voting opens February 1st so keep your eyes peeled to our socials

• You can increase your odds of winning by purchasing anything from our site or in-shop from now till February 9th and if it’s

• $50 to $149 you score yourself one extra raffle ticket;
• $150 to $399 for two extra tickets;
• $400 + for three extra tickets.

• Party on February 10th.

If you’re in the Bay do NOT miss our big ass, bad ass Annual Maker’s Party on Friday February 10th from 6pm till late in our new space at 3169 16th Street. Our friends from Rickhouse bartending, you can hobnob it up all night with your favorite makers in the shop. Stay tuned & be on the lookout for this year’s tag #trash2017.